Brought to you all the way from Parma Italy, Contributing to the protection of our planets biodiversity. the formulas contain a   a high percentage of naturally derived ingredients  minimizing the impact on the environment whilst combining sustainability and high -performance results. 

ESSENTIALS RANGE family has a specific characteristic and function: nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protection, elasticity, smoothness and daily care. Guaranteed to do what the say and all have the common goal of protection hair from external aggression and providing an immediate, visible result.

NATURALTECH RANGE is another Davines  system  of haircare and treatments specifically formulated  to prevent and resolve the most common skin and hair conditions e.g Hair Loss , oily or dry scalp , sensitive scalp. The Naturaltech products are enriched with phytoceuticals, organic compounds present in plants and exclusive blends of precious ingredients that we have defined as “Complex”.