How is everyone, how fun is all the spring fashion at the moment “Yes the spring collection is already peeking through in all the fashion houses” and hair always follows fashion or does fashion follow hair…I will leave that decision to you!! 

Anyway what ever the fashion hair/clothes its Pastel, Pastel and more Pastel….Pastel blue , pink, coral and lilac to name a few. Fun colours if you’re getting bored with your blonde locks the colour will last as long as your heart desires…I have a lovely shade of Pastel Pink on my hair and I’m loving it… I can keep it or just let it fade out after I’ve had my Fun and have my blonde locks back. “Simples”..hehe. So at Zu Hair and beauty we are getting our “Pastels on!”  Check out My face book page for some fun pastel pictures..Toodles xx  I inserted this teaser to tempt you. 🙂

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