This is for the boys or the girls who tolerate them hehe. Why is it that most men use anti dandruff / dry scalp  shampoo? well its like this…….A week in the life of a Man ‘and I will tell you’ I have serviced the hair of  alot of men/boys in the last few decades. “I know what Ima talkin bout!”

My advice for men is to wash  hair daily hopefully they are bathing daily as well lol, anyway why do men get flakey scalp??

Ok so you’ve washed your hair then you go out into the world firstly your dealing with free radicals sun, wind, pollution etc your scalp is slowly secreting oil you may even have dust or dirt or whatever  you picked up at work that day so in the shower that night you don’t wash your hair YOU JUST WET IN UNDER THE SHOWER…no shampoo no washing of the hair “yes boys love doing that!!!” What have you done?! you have just compacted everything your hair/scalp has picked up over the course of the day and to top it all off it is a nice warm damp environment to prevent the scalp from breathing,, A lovely nice layer of dirt, pollution, and sebum and you repeat this for a few more days because you’re just loving how all that gunk is helping you to style your hair WRONG!! So your scalp has not breathed for days or in some cases weeks..hmmm hope not! Then its like ooow my scalp is itchy or flakey, Yes boys your scalp is that compacted with debris it can’t breath so it starts to break down it want that gunk off so it sheds it wants to breath it wants to live……So the moral of the story belike!! Boys if you have this problem wash your hair daily and add some conditioner to settle hair and aide in styling..

Any Questions?

Toodles xx



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